Rainforest Discovery Centre

The informative and interactive Rainforest Discovery Centre at TNR aims to offer visitors an educational experience blending plants and wildlife in a fun and educational way. Dedicated to preserving the jewels of Malaysia, the Rainforest Discovery Centre will ignite interest and love for nature for everyone. Meet a few animals found in TNR virtually, get facts and take quizzes about them on the interactive displays in the centre and enjoy the video presentation in the auditorium.

Suspension Bridge

Separated by the clear freshwater river of Kichin, the 80-metre-long suspension bridge connects you to the other side of TNR. From above the bridge, visitors can look down at the river to spot the sought-after Mahseer or Kelah fish which thrives in the rapid waters of Endau Rompin.

Watch Tower

We don’t have to climb tree just to get a view from the top, instead the 15-metre-high watch tower of TNR allows us to be on the same level as the canopy! By climbing to the top of the tower, you’ll experience the arboreal wildlife point of view enjoying the fresh air of protected rainforest of Endau-Rompin. Do not miss the opportunity to add more pictures into your collection amongst breath-taking natural surroundings.


Indulge yourself with selection of menus at TNR Nature Cafeteria surrounded by the lush green forest of Endau-Rompin. Listen to the call of the nature while you are dining in with the sound of chirping birds, the screaming of the cicadas and the sound of the whooping gibbons!

Multipurpose Hall

Ideally located deep inside the forest, TNR Multipurpose Hall is the center of substantial types of activities with facilities nearby making it suitable for indoor events for public, student or business programmes. Away from the busy and fast-paced city life, TNR Multipurpose Hall offers the opportunity to host unique events surrounded by only the sound of the rainforest.

TNR Camping

Escape the bustling concrete jungle to rejuvenate your soul by waking up to the morning song of rainforest wildlife and water by joining the rainforest camping nights. This will be the perfect opportunity to be one with the nature, with a good night sleep. Make your trip memorable by joining the guided nature activities provided within the nature park!

Seri Mahkota Waterfall

At 135 metres above the sea level and set across three levels, Seri Mahkota waterfall is one of the main attractions in Taman Negeri Rompin, Pahang. Its unique geological characteristics is a natural sight to behold and attracts visitors from afar. A visit to the waterfall is not complete without a swim at the naturally shallow pool at the base of the waterfall.

There are two routes for visitors to access the waterfall. The first is to follow the jungle trek from the Kinchin Base Camp (distance of approximately 3 km with easy to intermediate level of difficulty). Second, visitors may drive to the entrance of Seri Mahkota Waterfall located approximately 2.4 km from the Base Camp. From the parking area, visitors will still need to walk down a steep slope using the steps provided. Due to the gradient of the slope, accessibility may difficult for elderly visitors or those with knee problems.

Rompin State Park.
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