Rompin State Park is teeming with stunning natural wonders, flourishing flora and fauna, and rich culture. There are a lot of guided & non-guided activities in the national park that will keep you busy for at least 3 or 4 days. Among the most popular activities are; Kayaking in Sungai Kinchin, taking the jungle trails to Seri Mahkota waterfall, Setting up a camp, visit the canopy bridge and go for a river cruising.


TNR Jeram Panjang

Jeram Panjang is a long river flows from Sungai Kinchin with moderate waterflow, the water quality is great and it is suitable for any leisure activities. There are gazebo nearby in case you want to take a rest.

Mahkota waterfall is a 50-metre high cascading waterfall located within easy access from the front entrance of Rompin State Park. It is a natural sight to behold for all waterfall lovers and attracts visitors from afar. A visit to the waterfall is not complete without a swim at the naturally shallow pool at the base of the waterfall.

TNR Kayaking and Swimming

Vital for the existence of life on Earth, river provides needs for both organisms that live inside or outside of it. One of many ways to understand the significance value of the river is to go on a journey along the hidden gem waterways, exploring the river view of Endau-Rompin by kayak.

Get onto the kayak and our guide will quickly brief about the tips before starting the leisure kayaking journey upstream with a few stops for the guide to share his knowledge about the interesting flora and fauna in Taman Negeri Rompin. Once we reach Lubuk Duit, we will have a stop to rest and swim in the undisturbed clear water rapid while enjoying the peaceful view surrounded by the hundreds of million years’ old rainforest.

TNR Lubuk Siku Trekking

Recommended to visitors of Taman Negeri Rompin who prefer a longer walking distance in the vast rainforest, this 6.1 kilometer two way interesting guided walk takes you closer to millions of years old rainforest of Endau-Rompin, which is known to be one of the oldest rainforest in the world..

Our experienced nature guide will share the knowledge about the flora and fauna of the forest and discover traces of wildlife that are found here such as the traces of endangered Malayan Tapir, evidence of their existence. This enjoyable trail will soon lead you to a relaxing sandy river where you may see a magnificent view of up to hundreds of fish swimming in a school together protecting themselves from predator. Enjoy the rainforest to the fullest before heading back to the Base Camp.

TNR Jeram Panjang Trekking

A shorter walk in the jungle, Jeram Panjang trail is the option for those who want to have a leisure experience in the rainforest. This easy to intermediate 3.6 kilometer two way trail takes you to another wonder of Rompin State Park, to get a taste of our national treasure. Along the trail, the nature guide will share his knowledge about the herbs found within the rainforest, herbs that were once used by the people before us as well as introducing you to the wildlife spotted along the trail such as Cream-colored Giant Squirrel, one of the largest squirrel in South-East Asia!

This trail is well known by the locals to be the path for a herd of Asian Elephants as a part of their long journey cycle in search for food and you may encounter the traces of them, the giants of the forest! At the end of the trail, you will stop by at the beautiful rapid stream. Do not miss the opportunity to get pictures of the memorable experience before heading back to Base Camp.

TNR Bird Walk

Considered to be one of the most important IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area) site in the southern part of peninsular Malaysia for the international conservation of bird populations, Rompin State Park is home to 253 species of birds! The richness of the flora available in the park has attracted bird species to call this place home and is capable of sustaining the variety of bird life.

This activity is not just for bird enthusiasts, but for beginners too who want to dive into the world of birds and to get more knowledge about them. You may start your birdwatching through the road to TNR along the paddy field first where you may spot Asian Openbill, Black-winged Kite and Lesser Adjutant that is listed as vulnerable in IUCN Red List. Upon your arrival, continue your exciting birdwatching in search for rainforest birds within TNR and we highly recommend you to have an overnight stay to begin with early birding the next day. Buff-rumped Woodpecker, Scarlett-rumped Trogon, Black-and-red Broadbill and Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher are among the birds that you may see within TNR.

TNR Seri Mahkota Waterfall

Waterfall lovers be it families, couples or solo travelers, this waterfall will get your attention with its beauty and the calling of the nature’s pool to swim. Explore the rainforest of Endau-Rompin’s delicate habitat, one of the most complex and rich in biodiversity which is important to our biosphere in a fun and enjoyable way.

While you are enjoying the view of the nature, look for the hanging stone and make it as the background of your picture of the day! The steps going down to the waterfall is suitable from 10 years old and above.

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